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Special hospital

Special Hospital for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Digestive System Diseases and Diabetes – “Vrnjacka Banja” is a state-of-the-art center for diagnosing, preventing, treating and rehabilitating digestive system diseases and diabetes.

The special hospital has a modern medical service with 50 medical professionals, of which 44 specialists and subspecialists in various fields, as well as modern facilities for visitor accommodation throughout the year: “Merkur” – new (“B” category), “Mirko Tomić”, “Merkur” – old, “Romanija” and “Šumadija.” All facilities provide modern comfort and inpatient medical service. Food is prepared following the principles of modern dietetics (healthy food) under the supervision of a specialist, endocrinologist, and dietitian. In addition to basic types of diets, dietary regimes are individually adapted for all diseases indicated for treatment in Vrnjačka Banja.

The Special Hospital has:
Thermomineral bath with mineral springs
Outpatient polyclinic department
X-ray department
Emergency medical service 24 h
Department of Diabetes and Obesity Treatment
Department of Gastroenterology
Department of Physical Therapy
Department of Gynecological Therapy
Office for Ultrasound Diagnostics
Office for Endoscopy
Office for Cardiovascular Examination
Office for Eye Diseases and Laser Therapy
Office for Sports Medicine
Office for Urology
Office for Reflexology and Acupuncture
Clinical – biochemical laboratory
Indications for treatment:
Digestive system diseases
Post digestive organ surgical intervention conditions
Chronic gynecological diseases and sterility
Renal pelvis, urinary bladder and urinary tract infections
Urinary tract stones
Non-inflammatory bowel diseases
Gastric and duodenal ulcers
Pancreas diseases
Post jaundice conditions
Gallbladder and bile ducts diseases
Functional diseases
Post esophagus, stomach, and bowel resection conditions.

Use of mineral water:
per os (by drinking), dosed by doctor
biliary rinsing suing probes after gallbladder surgery
hot mineral water inhalation
bathing in hot mineral water
through enemas in colon diseases
vaginal douching
eye rinsing in chronic eye diseases
Method of treatment using mineral water:
proper nutrition supervised by a diet therapist – dosed physical activity
physical therapy – medication therapy – education