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Mountain Goč

Mountain Goč raises above Vrnjačka Banja. It belongs to the lower mountains with the highest peak Krnja jela (1127m). Goč is the source of many streams and rivers that flow towards Zapadna Morava and Rasina and give a special charm to the landscape of Goč.

Mountain Goč is 13 km away from Vrnjačka Banja. It is the main excursion destination for residents and guests of Vrnjačka Banja.

Untouched nature, a combination of an ideal climate, clean air and lush vegetation, has a favorable effect on anemia, strengthening immunity and the nervous system, and as such makes an ideal place for walking, hiking, picnics, sports tourism.

There are several access roads (an old and a new road – the old road goes through Stanišinci and is slightly longer than the road that goes directly to the ski slope on the spa side of Goč, but is less steep and has no serpentines), which in many ways favors tourists to visit Goč.