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The Vrnjačka Banja Carnival is undoubtedly the crown of events during the summer season. This event gathers over 200,000 visitors. Over a week in July, Vrnjačka Banja becomes the stage for many costume balls, festivals, concerts, performances, and sports events.

The main carnival event is the Great International Carnival Parade. Numerous carnival groups from all over the world guarantee good fun and entertainment during these days. During the carnival days, your hosts will warmly welcome you, and the carnival mood will make you forget about all your problems.

From year to year, this event gathers an increasing number of participants and visitors from the country and worldwide. The recognition for years of work is the “Tourist Flower” award for the best tourist event. This prestigious award is given by the Tourist Organization of Serbia with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services.


Lovefest is a unique cultural platform from Vrnjačka Banja that aims to promote music, arts, and urban youth culture. The festival began in 2007 as the Love Bridge party, and already a year after, it debuted as one of the hottest music events in central Serbia.

In 2012, Lovefest was recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as the biggest youth festival in the country, and only a year after the UK Festival Awards nominated it in the best festival abroad category.

Another important turning point in the history of Lovefest was the introduction of new program zones such as Photo, Cinema, Graffiti, Chill, Eco, Workshop, Street Basket, Extreme, and Kids zone. The main goal of creating new program areas and expanding festival activities was to promote and recognize young talents in central Serbia.

The Lovefest activities focus on campaigns that contribute to the development of equality, solidarity and tolerance among people, emphasizing humanitarian, social, environmental, educational and entertainment projects. Lovefest participates in the “Food for All” humanitarian action, voluntary blood donation, and one-time aid for many individuals in the country.


The longest kiss competition called “Kiss me” has been held since 2007 on the Bridge of Love, traditionally, every fourteenth in February. On that day, Vrnjačka Banja is decorated to fit the event’s spirit.

In addition to the main prize for the longest kiss, prizes are also awarded for the most attractive and oldest couple. The longest kiss record is 112 minutes, and the oldest couple was over 77 years old.

According to the manifestation rules – the competitors must stand on one leg after the thirtieth minute.

The motive for holding this event is to send a message of love from Vrnjačka Banja.

The event is organized by the Tourist Organization of Vrnjačka Banja.


Deep in my heart, next to my Brankovina, is Vrnjačka Banja, a place where many differences come together in a small space. This is a space where nature is in its full color as if it has just come off the canvas,“- said famous poet Desanka Maksimović during her stay in Vrnjačka Banja.

In honor of the great poetess, the “On Desanka’s Day” event is held every year in Vrnjačka Banja on May 16, the day of her birth, gathering a large number of writers, poets, and, of course, fans of her work.

The event is organized by the Tourist Organization of Vrnjačka Banja traditionally on the venue “Bridge of Love,” a place that inspired the poet to write the famous “Prayer for Love.”

Lovers of Desanka’s work do not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to her and sing and recite her verses together with other event participants. So, if you want to be a part of this gathering, get accommodation in the most beautiful part of Vrnjačka Banja, and we will be glad to welcome and host you in our pleasant ambience.


The “Bridge of Mathematics” event is held every spring in Vrnjačka Banja, organized by the “Young Mathematician” association and the Municipality of Vrnjačka Banja.

“Bridge of Mathematics” aims to popularize mathematics.

One bridge over the Vrnjačka River is dedicated to mathematics and is called the “Golden Bridge.” There is a plate with the golden ratio formula. And everyone loves the golden ratio: mathematicians, biologists, artists, musicians, architects, artists…


Folk arts and crafts fair

The folk arts and crafts fair “Golden threads with golden hands” is held annually in Vrnjačka Banja, organized by the “Golden threads” Women’s Association.

If you are a tradition and folk art fan, do not miss this event that brings together associations from all over the former Yugoslavia.

This event’s goal is to preserve our area’s tradition and cultural creativity.


August in Vrnjačka Banja is dedicated to film and filmmakers, so every year, the manifestation “Memory of the Great Serbian Actors” is held in the Park of Remembrance. Young actors talk about their colleagues, and the movie “Who Is Singin’ Over There” bus replica is set up near the Park of Remembrance.


Now already a traditional manifestation, “Flowers and Old Crafts Fair” is held three times a year. The participants exhibit their goods at the stands in the upper part of the Vrnjačka Banja Promenade. This event traditionally gathered dozens of exhibitors.


The “Miodrag Miki Martinović” memorial tournament is held in memory of the Serbian bodybuilding and fitness legend. Miki Martinović was one of our most trophy-winning athletes. He set a national powerlifting record at the Serbian Championship in 1975, which has not been broken yet. The tournament is organized by the bodybuilding and fitness club “Zvezda” and the Tourist Organization of Vrnjačka Banja.


Now a traditional basketball tournament held on the Square of Culture.

The event attracts crowds of basketball fans.