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Belimarkovic Castle

Belimarković Castle is, along with the Vrnjačka Church, is the oldest building in Vrnjačka Banja. It was built on a slope above the mineral water spring “Topla voda,” modeled on castles from Italy and Poland. The conceptual solution was by the general’s nephew, civil engineer Pavle Denić. The works were supervised by Austrian civil engineer Franz Winter, in the period from 1888 to 1894. Most of the work was completed in 1889. .

Until the seventies of the last century, the heirs of General Belimarković lived in it, when it was bought to be converted to a culture facility. Today, this cultural property is managed by the “Cultural Center of Vrnjacka Banja.”

Today it houses the Homeland Museum, which is a complex type and relates to the territory of Vrnjačka Banja and its surroundings, with archeological, ethnographic, historical (collection of graphic and tourist propaganda of Vrnjci, collection of architectural heritage, collection of old postcards, collection of photographs, collection of old photo negatives on glass), art collection (sculptures, paintings, graphics …) and General Belimarković’s room “. The permanent exhibition consists of three settings:

  • “Ladarište – prehistory of Vrnjci,”
  • “Ethnographic Heritage of Vrnjačka Banja”,
  • “Memorial Room of General Belimarković.”