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Family Adventure

Family Adventure is engaged in a wide range of recreational and adventure activities and has proven itself soon after its foundation as one of the most recognizable organizations of this type in the region.

Also, with a unique offer of corporate tourism activities, we combine vacation with education and new ways of training in a completely new environment. As a result, we provide clients with an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a long time and whose effects are reflected on the business environment.

The Family adventure is represented by experts in this field, sports and physical education professors, and guides who know best the nature in which you move. We are here to help you relax the right way, get yourself back on track, relieve stress, and gain new experiences, adventures, and unforgettable memories through nature and breathtaking activities.

Our team is made up of people specially trained for extreme sports, recreation and outdoor activities. Activities:

ATV tours

Experience an unforgettable adrenaline-rushed ride of four-wheelers, ATVs, along the forest roads of Goč Mountain. With fresh mountain air, you will enjoy a ride through the coniferous and deciduous forests next to irresistible fields of blueberries and forest berries with a view of the amazing landscapes of untouched nature.

Our ATV tours include a tour of all the Goč Mountain tourist attractions, the highest peak – Krst (1123 m above sea level), “Selište” lake, mountain rivers and several lookouts offering an incredible view of Vrnjačka Banja and its surroundings. The ride is accompanied by trained guides who will organize a short driving training if necessary. The vehicles are easy to operate (automatic) and designed for a comfortable two-person ride.

An ATV tour may include a picnic.

Picnic includes: homemade tea from mountain herbs, homemade coffee, homemade juice (fruit mix, elderberry juice, …), walnut rakija, salty snacks (mini sandwiches, canapes, pies, …), homemade cakes, seasonal forest fruits from Goč Mountain (strawberries, blackberries, …).


If you are into competitions and want to re-test your own boundaries, love to have fun, and discover new talents, archery is the right activity for you.

Archery is an al-generation sport that guarantees you unforgettable moments in nature spent with family and loved ones.

Test yourself and your archery skills with our instructors, in the spa air and sun, surrounded by amazing nature!

The archery range is in the park near the music pavilion.

Rent a bike

Cycling through the spa guarantees real pleasure because you will be active, enjoy nature, and can easily reach every spa landmark. Our offer includes many different types of bicycles (children’s, junior, city bike, trekking, MTB, quadricycles, and rickshaws for children).

We are proud of our partnership with the company “Doo Capriolo,” which raises standards from year to year and meets the most demanding requirements with the quality of its bicycles.

The bicycles are rented at the beginning of the promenade.

Walking tour

Vrnjačka Banja is the most visited and most famous spa in Serbia, which charms more and more guests from the country and abroad with its rich tourist offer and enchanting nature. In addition to a long healing tradition, Vrnjačka Banja offers an exciting and active vacation for all guests looking for adventure and a holiday to remember.

In our guided tours, we visit all the sights of Vrnjačka Banja (Bridge of Love, Dragan Nikolić statue, Castle of Culture, mineral water springs, “Danilo Bata Stojković,” amphitheater …).

In addition to “With bike through the spa” program and orienteering games, we organize walking tours.

The guide waits for the participants in front of the hotel/apartment from where he starts the walking tour. Return to hotel.

We also organize guided hiking tours on Goč Mountain, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Vrnjačka Banja.

The hiking tour includes the beautiful Selište lake and the most beautiful lookout point Krst (1123 m above sea level), offering an incredible view of Vrnjačka Banja and several mountain peaks (Rtanj, Jastrebac, Stolovi…).

“With bike through the spa” program

In addition to walking tours and orienteering games, you have the opportunity to get to know Vrnjačka Banja and ride a bike in a different, more exciting way.

Departure from the Rent A Bike location. The guide waits for the participants in front of the hotel/apartment and leads them to the place of bike tour departure. Return to hotel.


Orienteering is a game for all guests who love challenges, have a competitive spirit and want to test their skills in nature.

The sights of Vrnjačka Banja are discovered by solving interesting tasks.

Picnic / lunch in nature

With a combination of sports and recreational activities on Goč Mountain, our guests can relax in nature, enjoying the deck chairs and lazy bags with light music and serving of their choice.


A picnic is organized by the lake (mountain herbs tea, homemade coffee, homemade juice (fruit mix, elderberry juice, …), walnut rakija, salty snacks (canapés, various cheeses, cured meats, nuts, …), homemade cakes, seasonal forest fruits).


Lunch is organized near the lake (mountain herbs tea, homemade coffee, homemade juice (fruit mix, elderberry juice, …), walnut rakija, lunch (barbecue, cabbage salad, bread), homemade cakes, seasonal forest fruits).

Serving in nature is part of the team building program but can also be organized for smaller groups of people (min. 6 people) with one or more selected sports activities on Goč Mountain (hiking tour, archery, ATV tour, ..).

Adventure park

Experience an unforgettable adventure in our adventure park located near the Music Pavilion. The adventure park is fitted with nine interesting obstacles that will activate your body, increase concentration and entertain you. There are also professional equipment and certified operators to keep the experience safe.

The adventure park can be used by anyone who wishes and is at least 115 cm tall. There is always the popular zip line for our little ones who do not meet the height requirements.